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Introduction / Summary (2018): Hello and welcome to our Sexuality pages. While this is not a pornographic site, it is provocative - founded upon what people search on the Internet (which is very interesting!). We then relate this to our biological and cultural evolution.
Sex is obviously important to people - and if you want to improve your sexual relationships then knowing the truth about our human evolution is the best foundation. By opening our minds to a greater diversity of behaviors, this knowledge will help you creatively cultivate healthy pleasurable moral attitudes and sexy smutty relationships (free from religious guilt & cultural myths).
Support an open honest discussion on the truth of our sexual evolution and behaviour. If you support sex positive, moral, informed sexual behaviour please share this knowledge. (These pages have a diverse collection of fascinating information relating to our human sexual evolution so people will appreciate it - see our 'nice letters' page!).
Sincerely, Karene.

"It is not enough to conquer; one must learn to seduce." (Voltaire) - "Desire is the essence of a man." (Spinoza)

Nice Letters
From People who Write to Us & Like / Use this Site!

The ideals which have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been Kindness, Beauty and Truth. (Albert Einstein, 1954)

Karene: Student of Philosophy and SexologyHello!

We have received a lot of nice letters from people who use and enjoy this philosophy website.

So we thought we would start a nice letters page which relates specifically to our human sexuality section (partly as a way of explaining why this website is here, and also to show that there are people who understand and appreciate an evolutionary approach to human sexuality).

I have also included some comments people have written. Some are a little outrageous, funny and sincere.

To all the people who take the time to write to us - thank you! Kindness, intelligence and good humor are lovely aspects of being human.
Many thanks,

comment: Thank you so much for building this site and for your refreshing and edifying content. I feel your words and outlook resonate within me. I have long felt that our world could be substantially changed for the better if each of us tended to the soundness and health of our philosophy, relationships, and sexuality. I enjoyed the graphic aesthetic and congenial tone of this site. MA
rate: very good

comment: when i first visit this page i was nothing, but after reading the information in this site, i feel that i have finished a degree in it . Really thank you for your information.
rate: good

comment: ...after waking up in the early morning, unsure of my interpretation on a damaged relationship I was in the need to seek answers, inspiration, insight within myself in order to overcome this difficult situation. After spending an hour reading countless quotes I am confident and determined to take on the day. THANK YOU, you've helped me in so many ways. I will continue to follow you and the inspiration you bring. Your friend in Phx Arizona...M
rate: very good

comment: I enjoy your website. I like your high level of research and resources. The erotic nature is what brought me to you. I love sex and love pleasing my wife. I love to turn her on and enjoy finding new ways to excite her. Thank you, D.
rate: very good

comment: It is good that women should talk about these issues more freely and that your partner support you in this purpose. CZ
rate: very good

comment: I believe sex to be a sacred thing, comprising the exercise of mind, body, spirit in holy union. I have found this website quite enlightening. However would like to ask to have more information or where one could get regarding Lesbian Kama Sutra. There is seldom any information regarding having sex with women the Kama Sutra way. I believe same sex can be a holy enlightening experience as with any other heterosexual couples.
rate: good

Re: As far as I know, Kama Sutra does not mention lesbian behaviour. We are creating a Kama Sutra ebook at the moment, I will let you know if I discover any more information. In my opinion, bisexuality would be common in harems and within groups of courtesans.

comment: Thank you for such a lovely page. You have beautiful art and the content is quite thorough. You have done well.
rate: very good

comment: Although I was not searching for porn but Buddhist teachings I did stop by out of curiosity when the link popped up. I wanted to let you know I enjoyed your video and I plan on visiting again to learn more. M

comment: Me and my wife found the page very interesting. It boosted our congress life. It would be more fulfilling if we could also see kamasutra positions pictures.
rate: very good

comment: the positions of the kamasutra has been portrayed very beautifully, kamasutra is not only meant for physical pleasures but the exercise involved in it and in health aspects it helps a lot. kamasutra has come out not just like that, it goes in depth into research and findings the comparative behaviour of animals with human beings. It is also a spiritual thoughts which has been carved in temples also.

comment: have just stumbled across this site and am being entertained and informed by the minute. lovely and inspiring; thanks gorgeous!

comment: Despite being an Indian I did not know so much about Kamasutra. You are doing a great job by spreading this knowledge. I don't see any harmful matter in this page which should be penalised by Google. Please keep this good work going on.
name: M

comment: this article are really very knowledgeable. I like it so much. In this time, not a lot of sex knowledge is given to people (like in india). This site will help all of them who want to learn everything. A
rate: very good

comment: i was shocked really .. reading your article. i found it very interesting and didn't realise how the most practiced thing on earth could actually be tastefully talked about in a adult, clean way. S

comment: For those of us that still lack explicit information on this issue, this has been very educative.
rate: very good

comment: hello, It is knowledge of human spirituality, that raise man high from animal level, and he will search more pleasure from different partners which is moral, for man and women. I think, husband and wife are really life partners, so they should search for new partners, jointly and not in a way, that is call cheating each other. Honestly husband and wife should enjoy sex with other with well plan and intelligent choice. Jealously, is animal like emotion, where as knowledge of pleasure is human. BM
rate: very good

comment: hello, The idea about oral sex is well presented. In addition, I add, Oral sex is good for controlling ejaculation, and making phallus hardest at his highest,which please the mind of partner so exclusively, that no one can describe its pleasure in language, which is the real mystery of sex life. Oral sex is the only form that can enjoy even group, because it is purely pleasure achieving form of action, where as vaginal pleasure implied, sex as a tool to get children. So oral sex is perhaps the most unique form of sex life. BM
rate: very good

comment: human sex and sexuality is primarily about fantasy. and as such it's always seen, and performed, in and through a discourse of fantasy. and so is philosophy, by the way. but unlike any other human preoccupation, it involves the most highly charged fantasies. why? perhaps because it engages the body, especially the imagined body, like nothing else does. K
rate: very good

comment: U have done a very exhaustive research on Human Sexuality which is very helpful in fully understanding and realising sexual potential in ones everyday life. thanks for the wonderful work done.
rate: very good

comment: I want to thank you for this website. By this you are making a holy work for mankind.

comment: Though the page has been beautifully designed but it lacks the instinct of the Kamasutra. Positions are not properly defied. Explanation has been made only to understand the words but has not given or suggested the movement to movement enjoyment of sex in all methods. It has not described when and how to understand by a man that woman wants sex and how to read his sex desire , how to understand his sex feelings and how to provoke her to sex play. Sex is a biological need and it needs compositions of love enjoyment long lasting desire to read. How to enjoy sex by a man after 45 and a woman after 35 and woman after masturbation needs attention in this page. RK

comment: i am a widower 80 yr,my wife passed away 7 yr ago, about 2 yr later, i felt a strange urge, to be with a man, talked to a gay said i was looking for a young man, he said will i do (about 49 yr), i said yes . he came over and he has sex on me,about several time over a few weeks. then i was curious and wanted to please him, i did a job on him, later found that i like doing him. i wanted to tell my story, but do not feel gay. A
rate: very good

rate: very good

comment: its really good site for everyone - sex is not only a part of life but art of life!
name: dr dhanyakumar

rate: very good

rate: very good

comment: Wow! I love this website! I'm totally on the same wavelength. I'll definitely be back for more inspiration, and I'll share the link with my partner as well. In fact, I'm going to head right on over to my blog and add a link on there as well! It feels soooo incredibly good to find likeminded, sane and intelligent women online. Hugz, Al
rate: very good

comment: great work in this collection of art fantasy sexual stimulation. The information was totally stimulating and the erotic fantasies have me rock hard at this moment i can hardly wait to find a sexual partner that is uninhibited and enjoys experimentation into the mind of an orgasm. It all starts and ends in the mind, but the journey there is what expands the explosion of sexual satisfaction, pleasure and delight. there is no end to completion of satisfaction when it cums to great sex, the very act demands to be practiced over and over. sexual satisfaction is not an end but a beginning,with no end. I would write more but I do have this erogenous zone demanding release. AJ
rate: very good

comment: Isn't it weird that natural women, with whatever body hair and shape they might have, are now considered a fetish, something unusual? It is the natural woman that I find the most mysterious. The pubic area is designed to be a mysterious jungle, something to be explored, felt, smelled, and tasted.
rate: very good

comment: I (We) appreciate all of the work and dedication that must have gone into the making of this magnanimous piece of artwork that we have seen only a bare overview of! Keep up the good work! EO
rate: very good

comment: that are good information about sex its creates a type of entertainment between the couples and encourage them to come to more close for ever to his partner. S
rate: very good

rate: very good

comment: Hi Karene, Love your tasteful pages and honesty in your writings. It is reassuring to know I am not the only horny maniac out there. I love your erotic stories and vintage pictures. I'm finding the history very interesting as well. Actually, I am enjoying all of the Erotica sections as well as the Subjects. I too love exploring,experimenting and learning more about my sensual self the older I get. I'm 48. You write about things i cant seem to share with anyone. Not even my loving husband. It is nice to know I'm not alone. Thank you. S

comment: quite interesting and insightful. it may be a good idea to inform readers as to which sex positions are safest for adults in different age brackets. for instance middle-aged couples/ lovers who are most likely to be suffering from some conditions like hyper or hypo tension, diabetes, menopause could continue to enjoy a fulfilling sex life. R

comment: This site has been a real find for my girlfriend and myself. First time readers, but we will be back. Thank you, M.F.
rate: very good

comment: That introductory video was fantastic! I am going through an icky break up and came to this site to try to begin to understand some of the underlying reasons for the break-up. I'm a half-Bolivian half-mixed North American woman stuck somewhere between the cold individualism of North Americans and the raging jealousies of the Roman Catholic women who raised me (not just Bolivian, but the Italian and Irish components of the North American side as well). It's a hard balance to strike since I'm most definitely bisexual but I only entangle myself emotionally with men. It's very nice to see a website that really tries to encompass all things morally acceptable (but by decidedly less Biblical standards, thank God--har har har), perhaps not exactly socially acceptable, but certainly within the realms of understanding, consenting, and educational. Thank you. S
rate: very good

comment: Art is a Beautiful thing just like you Nina a Fine piece of art! Peace! TJ
rate: very good

rate: very good

comment: its great to have your mind changed about things that exist in the world. You really get the knowledge to know and see the meaning of real life and your experience of the moment thank you, your friend TED
rate: good

comment: There is a thin line of separation between sex spirituality space and matter. It is only through sex all animals including humans are attracted and matter develops into life. It is my humble opinion to concentrate on sex is to learn more about evolution and life.
rate: very good

comment: I just love the site and its contents! I salute you for making this site a reality! It is very informative and something worthwhile for people who want to improve their relationships and sex life. R
rate: very good

comment: a great web site for fun as well as knowledge.It is not like a porn site with vulgarity, but systematic sections of knowledge for carnal matters.

comment: Well written and inspiring me to explore more of myself. J
rate: very good


comment: this is good, informative yet cunning.
rate: very good

comment: I love Kamasutra. Oh my Gosh, I want to know how to practice it for my boyfriend. Oh God I love it ...
rate: very good

comment: i found the information on giving cunnilingus to be very helpful when giving my wife oral sex. i found that she is very receptive when it comes to being eaten out.
rate: very good

comment: Hi. I got this link from another site. Wow, so much information here. All good, very well presented. How can I help? Cheers
rate: very good

comment: So artistic, so aesthetic and such fun!
rate: good

comment: So unique! You mix and match between sex, poems, philosophy, photography and art. I really enjoy it!
rate: good

comment: I work in the high tech and cutting edge community and my job is to make this industry sexy. I am a professional saxophonist who is taking on a tough task. I want to blend high art and high tech together to tell the story of our future. Eroticism is a part of that future.
rate: very good

comment: This site has been a real find for my girlfriend and myself. First time readers, but we will be back. Thank you!
rate: very good

comment: Hey Karene. I love your video! Thank you so much for putting that together. When I get on the air, I'd love to have you on my sex talk show. Love the line about Man's Bet Friend. Good one. Check your myspace. I've sent you a friend request. Curtis, Sacramento, California
rate: very good


Most gratifying actually being able to see this beautiful content. I was introduced to sex at a very young age and was taught the serene pleasure, beauty, comfort and satisfaction that participating partners should and do derive from sex; when there is a mutual attitude of affectionate giving and receiving. All too often people miss out on great opportunity of lasting pleasure and friendship by being constrained to what society considers beauty. Viewing and reading these pages bring back those pleasures of learning I received and loved many years ago. One can't reveal such things to everyone everywhere. I think much could be gained by many if they would allow themselves to see the real purity in making love. DM

Hello DM,

Thank you for your sweet message. I am so pleased our website is useful and
interesting for you. I agree, people think a lot about sex without seeing
the real raw beauty. Sex is something that just happens (hopefully!), rather
than putting in time and effort - cultivating it with your partner (it is a
dynamic, changing, beautiful relationship!).



These pages are beautiful, sex it seems is an art form that most men are not aware of, the pictures are truly sensual, I lost my husband when I was 43yrs old and have never found another man to give me any pleasure and love and sensuality the way he did, my present partner and I have not had any sexual contact for 20yrs so I feel very unloved and unfriendly towards men, when we had sex all he did was apologize, he smells and is a wimp in that I couldn't even rest my head on his shoulder as he would complain I was hurting his arm, I would advise all woman to only go for the best and never settle for second best the way I did. regards, M.

Dear M,
I am so sorry to read about your experience with men. I am sorry you lost your husband and have not found another.
No sex for 20 years? Why do you stay in this relationship?

I would love to post your comments on our website, as I think they are (sadly) very common experiences for many women.

Although I am a feminist, I realise my self esteem and feeling beautiful is intricately tied up with my partner Geoff. I used to be a real tom boy, very short hair, wear pants all the time. Once I got together with Geoff, he encouraged this beautiful unfolding of my feminine nature, combined with becoming much more sexually aware and adventurous. Now I am a mother and my sense of self has changed again.

Thank you - and keep seeking - you never know. Perhaps I am naive, but don't give up on all men. Just the wimps.

Take care,


What an incredibly wonderful collection of thoughts and information on human sexuality; the joining of a man and woman's sexuality and minds! You are incredible. I've always had some understanding of this, but this what I need. My beautiful wife of 25 years is more reserved sexually (although, I'm not "out there" either)and I have always been more interested. I think I captured my wife's heart and mind the first time I ate her pussy. I love the taste, smell, and feel of a woman's pussy. Over the years, I believe that I have gotten better at bringing her to orgasm, slowly and quickly; one orgasm and multiples. I adore her pussy. I wish she felt the same about my cock and balls. Over the years, I have strayed and found that my tongue, lips and fingers can satisfy other women. They have been more interested in my cock and balls, sucking and stroking me to orgasm as they swallowed my cum. How do I get my wonderful woman there? Feel free to contact me. D

Hi D,

Thanks for your kind message. Glad the site is useful for you.

I do agree sex with one person improves over time, if you put in the effort!

>How do I get my wonderful wife to perform fellatio on me? When she's done it, her technique was not very effective.

It's difficult for me to answer that Dennis, as you know your wife (25 years wow!) and it seems you satisfy other women. Be honest with her.

Have fun trying!


Thank you so much for bring this web site to being. I haven't had this much pleaser reading and learning since college. Your expression of your feminity is refreshing, and I would make love too you every chance I had if I was Geoffrey. I only wish my wife would see the beauty in her sexuality as you do. Her devotion to the Catholic way of sexuality conflicts with my own natural spontaneous and desire to love her more deeply. I will introduce her to your web site, but I don't think she'll agree to it. She's VERY Catholic. But I do Love her. Well, as to your web site, I will often look for contradiction and or hypocrisy to weed-out whom I think is BS and whom I can believe. And I can honestly say that you have gain my confidence. I like the way you bring together a sort of learning simplicity, without jeopardizing academic content, that even a person that has never taken a Philosophy course,(that would be me), can come away with a good idea of what we all want to know; what is life? Rating your web site as very good is modest at best. Best wishes. Peace and Love--M
rate: very good

Hi M,

Thank you for your kind email. I am so glad our website is useful and interesting for you!

What is a good life? How are we to live? These are universal questions that are at the heart of Philosophy. We can live a philosophical life by seeking truth, wisdom and simplicity (without taking an academic course!). Though our past habits of thinking, belief in cultural and religious myths can obscure the path. It is very difficult it is for people to change how they think. So I am sympathetic to your situation.

I hope your wife finds our site interesting too!

Many thanks,

Dear Karene,

My name is Khoi-Nguyen Hoang Truong, but you can simply call me "Khoi."

I love the way your left boob and tit slipped out at the end of your clip "Nature Sexuality Erotic Art." Please don't deem me a pervert, but I'm really sexually aroused seeing that. I even wish I could touch and squeeze your beautiful breast and suck and lick your pretty nipple. The clip, though sexually arousing, is pure, and you a playful yet decent woman. I admire you, Karene. Moreover, the music is soothing.

I adore erotic art, and I abhor pornography. Erotica sexually but artistically and aesthetically arouses me, but porn make me feel disgusted. Erotica draws my eyes, but porn turns my face away.

I like Shakespeare's work and I find that although they are very erotic, they expresses ideal love.

I'm intending to work on some sexuality-related essays for my Writing composition class. Your webpage will prove a good documentary source.

Anyway, it's nice to have known you, your erotic yet educational webpage with Jeff and to have seen your charming breast and nice nipple.

Yours sincerely,


Dearest Khoi,

Thank you for your email! It's really great to hear from you!

Don't worry, I don't think you are a pervert. Just sexually enlightened, who enjoys the finer things in life, like poetry, the arts and erotica.

Thanks for your kind thoughts about my video. Glad you liked it! It really was natural - we didn't stage it! It was filmed so long ago that I look on it with great affection.



I want to personally thank you for developing a wonderful website. I am a 25 year old virgin, who is currently searching and exploring my sexuality; wondering why I have a mental fear of sex. I know part of my cognitive beliefs are based on religion, others saying how wonderful I've made a decision to wait until marriage, and other myths about sex. Yet, I have deeply rooted cravings to engage in intimate connections with others; but unsure how to proceed. I hope to use your website as a tool ;as I continue to search for what is important to me. Thanks again.

Love, P.

Clean space, for a clear mind in 09'. ~ Me

Sent: Monday, 9 February 2009
Subject: Nice Site Karene

Hello Karene,

I have just come from the manifestation of authenticity and originality that is your home in cyberspace. I was embracing change and celebrating diversity on the web when I found your engaging essence.

You are a unique and enchanting person of character whose garden of talent and positive energy is enriching to all blessed to view your pages. Thank you for giving who you are into the universe for by doing so you make each day extraordinary.

I honour and respect who you are and what you do. Know that your life and work are acknowledged and appreciated. You are a beautiful being of light. I wish you a journey warmed by sacred light where all your dreams come true.

May you embrace the divine spark within as you expand your imagination and may you travel across eternity on the wings of freedom while celebrating the ethereal aspects of the self and cultivating universal love and compassion.

Yours Inspiring Positive Change
Micheal Teal

Sent: Sunday, February 8, 2009
Subject: Compliment

Hi Karene,

I'm a Canadian, 26, currently working on my masters in philosophy. I first ran across your video on human sexuality on you tube ... the one time I WASN'T surfing for porn LOL ... I think you'll find it funny that it was linked from the movie Super Size Me. Seriously, it was.

Anyway it was late at night and you were pretty so I clicked on it and had quite a pleasant surprise, I like your sense of humor and good grasp of the central role evolution has to be given when studying sexuality. You were quite hypnotic!

Keep up the good work, and you've got a lucky boyfriend,



Hi Karene

I just happened on yours & partners website and it said to say hello etc, so hello and wow!, what an interesting site. If everyone around the World thought about their sexual lives and living in the ways you propose here, then the divorce lawyers would 'go very hungry' indeed!!

The Kama Sutra; to those who appreciate the finer aspects of lovemaking, is legendary, I have a copy, ( the Alain Danielou translated version), an amazing work for sure by Vatsayama, and essential for me


Dear S,

Thanks for your email! I really do appreciate your kind words about our site. I am glad that it is useful and interesting for you. I have a copy of the Alain Danielou's Kama Sutra too and think it is just fantastic. I see the book as a guide for the cultivation of the self, to be an interesting, creative and refined person!


Hi, Karene,
I would like to thank you for this great site - your contribution to it. I teach academic English at a university in the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East.
I am trying to get things moving with my colleagues and my students.
My website is which you might like to go to sometime. You are very welcome anytime, of course. I hope you enjoy my site half as much as i have enjoyed yours.
Yours sincerely

Hi Karene and Geoff
I teach science and philosophy at a school ( in the U.S.
I love your site and reading about your work. Keep up the great work!
-Robert Estice-
Columbus, Ohio USA

Hi Karene,

i went through your websites and showed it to couple of my friends, indeed its a great research work and i am pleased to see it, i am PhD student on Knowledge, wisdom in philosophy and technology. prior to this i was in France doing my MBA where i observed the sexuality in an open way than in india ...shortly i may be getting married to a girl soon, i have some intersecting facts and ideas to share with you on evolution of human and tendency of humans to react to any situation, indeed it human nature to share and express views, i really liked your work and i appreciate your efforts, but i have to read a lot on your website. you have mentioned that if anyone is interested in sexual study and want to research can write to you, so i am writing to you, this fascination world is witnessed with amazing human network, i am one among them writing to you, blended with traditional qualities and modern ideologies. not only on sexual evolution study but also on nature, i am Ecology and Environmental Engineer, with MBA from europe, now a PhD student in India, doing exploratory research on Knowledge, it origin, and wisdom, hope we can help and share knowledge.

I will definitely help in promoting your knowledge on the website and your work, its really a concrete work that i could see in your website and for any research student its a pleasure to read

If you are in India, i would like to invite both of you to visit my place and it would be great to see someone like you, who is into research on something i have a common.

Life is not measured by the number of times that you breath, but the moments that take your breath away" certainly your website took my breath away

will wait for your reply

Dear Karene,
(salute to thee, the subjective manifestation of the objective God)
I went through your WebPages and find that you share most of my hobbies and concerns. Besides, being a student of epistemology I believe in being straight forward and honest ..

Intelligence is an artificial and social ingredient, whereas instincts are inherent and biological. Therefore, it is but a naturally corollary of my being a male that I get attracted to a female irrespective of age, caste, creed, religion, nationality, chance of ever meeting her in person in the entire life span and everything else - though not for sexual reasons alone. Women and men are complementary and supplementary to each other and find in the other what they themselves lack.

Isn't it that I feel attracted to Geoff for the same reason; i.e. what I lack; his being in your congenial company and having made pursuance of his priorities his aim of life. Hats off to both of you! May your diligence lead both of you to the acme of success.
With regards,

Sent: Wednesday, 8 October 2008
Subject: Nice Letter & Website

Bravo Karen for this initiative !!!

Your webpages on the evolution of sexuality are mostly enriching!

Unfortunately, I have found out that it's up to 'enlightened' people like us to educate people in order to open their mind. What a considerable task! I don't want to see it as an everyday struggle, but just as a smooth teaching. Like the flow of water. Great changes cannot be forced in people's mind anyway.

Keep up the good work to you two!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Sent: Friday, 6 June 2008
Subject: Congratulations on your site.


I've visited your web site several times. I see it getting better and better. Thank you for all the hard work you and Geoff give to your work.

I have to admit that getting a grasp on the linkage you've drawn between philosophy and sexuality has not been easy for me to see. However, as I read and consider, it all becomes clearer.

Even an old Texan like myself can learn from two youngsters with passion for truth.
Keep up the good work.

Sent: Sunday, June 01, 2008
Subject: Thank you

Thank you for your open and honest understanding of human sexuality. And a very well thought out website.

Where I live there are not many people comfortable or understanding the nature of sex and human relationships. I come by way of my philosophy not only by honest examining of truth and reality but also of self.

A friend asked me one time how she could improve her relationship with her boyfriend ... to which I replied examine your self. The better you understand yourself the better all relationships will be. This one hit me smack in the face when I was busy looking at the problems with other people. Life is a dance of many partners. The art is to not step on anyone's toes. (I made that one up)

Canton Ohio USA

How can you ever really get to know someone when it takes more then a lifetime just to get to know yourself? (Van Morrison)


Dear B,

Thanks for your kind email.

>I come by way of my philosophy not only by honest examining of truth and reality but also of self.

An interesting part of my work in philosophy is that it is so varied. Truth and reality apply to all things, including self. An honest examining of self is understanding the truth about it - how it exists in physical reality! This is an interesting article I read recently which examines truth, knowledge, education and society. How we think we are individuals, but we really are programmed, consuming machines.

>The better you understand yourself the better all relationships will be.

Totally agree. This is the basis of our website and what we are trying to communicate with people. We do take it a little further though - the better you understand your evolution and how you exist in physical reality (intimately connected to everything around you) the better your relationships will be.

Thanks for visiting our site again.



Thank your for your reply Karene.

I just wanted you to know that I love your website and I think find a great resonance with your general philosophy and understandings. Unfortunately I do not find many folks around here that get it or care to understand it.

I have read much of the stuff you sight. I have a brain that likes to distill truth and it seems to me that most of us get stuck in one compartment or another. All the "isms" are a part of the whole and each of us seems to "think" our part is the whole. This is were self awareness comes in handy.

I admit that I do not have as large a perspective based on my knowledge but I do have a general sense of what you are getting at. I feel that often we get so close focused on the details that we loose sight of the huge grand design. But this is only my view at this point in time. I am 61 years old and I still have a lot to learn.

The one thing I think that I would enjoy is meeting you. There are not many open minded people exploring life and truth where I live here in Canton Ohio USA.

You folks have done a lot of detailed and hard work. I hope that the spirit of life and discovery continue to propel you onward.


Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Subject: ;) Thanks!

Thank you for your beautiful erotic site. I love the old pictures! The women are so sexy and cute. It is fun to see that there is something else out there than just hard core porn.

I actually felt good after visiting your site. It felt like you truly wanted to let people know that there is an alternative to regular porn.

I found your presentation video very interesting. It is nice to see a pretty girl talking about sexual stuff, without trying to act like a porn star. ... You look very classy, sexy and pretty!

Thank you so much :)

Best regards


Hi Nina,

Greetings from Australia! Thanks for your kind email. This is exactly how we hope to make people feel! There is an sensual, artistic, erotic alternative to hard core pornography - that can be empowering, consensual and beautiful for both men and women. It is up to us as consumers to look for and demand quality, intelligent, creative smut!

You might also like this site:


Sent: Monday, 28 January 2008
Subject: Your site

Hi there!

I absolutely love love love your website!

It is incredible.

I live in south Africa and am an artist and counselor. I am researching and practicing sacred sexuality and so your site is a gold mine.

A thousand thanks for all you are doing and making possible!

love love love from Africa


Hello again!

I plan to study all of your website and be in close touch about everything.

A celebration indeed!

My sites: ( I grow and take pics of Iceland poppies)

You are doing a truly amazing job and it is a
privilege to know you and be part of this
exciting motion sweeping across the planet at this time!!!!

I am currently working on some pictures. This is my friend Ashley and I - yesterday ...fooling around! We are working on a manual for our workshops and to get the right look. ..... No we both have men in our lives! But it smolders and we are playing with how to entice people to know more.

South Africa is very conservative - but then I am considered an eccentric artist so!! things are moving along and picking up momentum,

thanks so much and stay close!

love J.C
in sultry south Africa

Sent: Tuesday, 8 January 2008
Subject: Thank you!

Dear Karene,

It is so important to know that people like you and your companion still exist!

Thanks for your contribution to the creation of inner sanctity concerning love! Thanks also for your promotion of a beautiful and wise virtual temple devoted to sacred and holy dimensions of sexuality!

I bookmarked your internet site without hesitation after hearing your video
introduction. Please believe me when I wish you to keep yourselves alive and
conscious. You are a blessing to all human kind specimens!


Sent: Friday, 19 October 2007
Subject: I love your site!


I just wanted to say that i REALLY love the website that you have created.

It is very useful and informative. i find that you connect ideas very well. Considering the wealth of philosophy, writers, and different thoughts, i think you have done a splendid job.

Thank you for all your work. As someone who does not study philosophy (but respect and consider it valuable), your site has been very useful for me and provided a lot clarity.

ok, thank you! I give your webpage a two thumbs up. lol

take care

Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2007
Subject: Your website

Dear Karene and Geoff,

I love your website and it is now on my top favourites list, thank you!
I wish all websites were as elegant as this and I look forward to more ....


Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Subject: Kindred spirits

Hello Karene and Geoff,

I would like to say that your website is like a breath of fresh air. It is so wonderful to come across fellow human beings that share your own
thoughts and views. There are times when popular culture makes you feel very alone. If only more people would open their mind this world would be a
better and more nurturing place to live.

Karene, you are a beautiful girl, and Geoff you must be great man. Karene, do you do any erotic art yourself? (no, not as yet!)

Keep up the good work, informational sites like yours are extremely important, people need to understand that there is nothing wrong or shameful about being human and that gaining an understanding of how nature works are keystones to our health and happiness.


Sent: Sunday, September 30, 2007
Subject: Teaching tool

Dear Karene,

Having recently found your web site, I need to tell you how much I appreciate the hard work you put into it. These troubled times are in desperate need of such enlightenment available to the masses.

I would like to make your website required reading for my future classes. May I have your permission to do so?

I teach Sociology at Rowan University and Community College of Philadelphia.


Sent: Wednesday, 7 February 2007
Subject: Greetings

Hello Karene,

I am an Ugandan citizen very interested in physics. Your website has benefited me very much. I have downloaded the data, printed it and taken it the people of my society. They are very happy to receive the truth that we live in from your website.

Now Karene, if I could join you in your career, i would be a truly happy man. Many thanks,


Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Subject: Great site.

Hi Karene,

Your website is FANTASTIC!!

I am interested in many of the things you are also. I work as an integrative physician with an interest in what I call 'quantum healing' (as Deepak Chopra says).

By your picture you look like Gaia incarnate. You might be interested in the Science and Consciousness conference in Santa Fe in the spring. Perhaps we might run into each other some day. Would love to talk over some good coffee or red wine.

Your website has given me a lot to explore, keep up the good work.

Todd R. LePine, MD

The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware. (Henry Miller)

Sent: Sunday, 6 May 2007
Subject: Love your site!

Hi Karene,

I visited your site and have done a lot of reading on it'd ... I've got to say WOW, truly thought provoking and great work by yourself and your partner. To be quite honest i didn't know sites like that existed .... I would love to know how you got into this aspect of philosophy and especially the interest in human sexuality ... Many people don't really understand sexuality, they view it as an evil or simply as something that exists inside you that must be dealt with, similar to the devil within you that must be fed; when in reality it IS who we as humans are.

I run and we are currently still building up our site. We are planning on adding lots of women's sexual health articles on our site (soon forthcoming). We're a group of people that believe that sexuality really is a gift that should be enjoyed, not something to hide or be ashamed of. We would love to exchange links with sites like yours that share our same mind set. I would love to hear from you and see if your interested in the same. Thanks!

'Life without emotions is but death in disguise'



Analyse any human emotion, no matter how far it may be removed from the sphere of sex, and you are sure to discover somewhere the primal impulse, to which life owes its perpetuation.Analyse any human emotion, no matter how far it may be removed from the sphere of sex, and you are sure to discover somewhere the primal impulse, to which life owes its perpetuation. ... The primitive stages can always be re-established; the primitive mind is, in the fullest meaning of the word, imperishable. ... Mans most disagreeable habits and idiosyncrasies, his deceit, his cowardice, his lack of reverence, are engendered by his incomplete adjustment to a complicated civilisation. It is the result of the conflict between our instincts and our culture. (Sigmund Freud)

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