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Introduction / Summary (2018): Hello and welcome to our Sexuality pages. While this is not a pornographic site, it is provocative - founded upon what people search on the Internet (which is very interesting!). We then relate this to our biological and cultural evolution.
Sex is obviously important to people - and if you want to improve your sexual relationships then knowing the truth about our human evolution is the best foundation. By opening our minds to a greater diversity of behaviors, this knowledge will help you creatively cultivate healthy pleasurable moral attitudes and sexy smutty relationships (free from religious guilt & cultural myths).
Support an open honest discussion on the truth of our sexual evolution and behaviour. If you support sex positive, moral, informed sexual behaviour please share this knowledge. (These pages have a diverse collection of fascinating information relating to our human sexual evolution so people will appreciate it - see our 'nice letters' page!).
Sincerely, Karene.

"It is not enough to conquer; one must learn to seduce." (Voltaire) - "Desire is the essence of a man." (Spinoza)

Evolution: Relating Primate Sexual Behaviour to Human Sexuality
Bonobos, Apes, Monkeys, Chimpanzees. Mating, Ovulation, Penis Size, Masturbation, Oral, Group Sex, Benefits of Monogamy & Polygamy, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexuality, Raising Children, Hierarchy

Hello. Thanks for visiting our evolutionary philosophy of human sexuality pages. We are currently researching good quality sites relating to our biological and cultural sexual evolution - as a way of collecting and presenting the most important / latest knowledge and research.

Below you will find summaries of articles & websites on Primate Sexual Behaviour, i.e. latest research on evolution & primate sexuality and how this compares with humans, ovulation, mating, orientation, masturbation, oral, anal & vaginal intercourse, orgasm, pregnancy, lactation, penis size, monogamy, polygamy, raising children, hierarchy, grooming, sleep and food.
Compared with other search terms, 'primate' gets relatively few searches. It is interesting that 'horse sex' (19,000) and 'dog sex' (17,450), are much more popular than 'monkey sex' (1,000). Genetically we are closest to bonobos, but we have evolved intimate social relations with horses and dogs (man's best friend!). Given that chimpanzees look so human like, it is intriguing that 'monkey sex' is not more competitive on the internet.

The top related searches for different primates are;
monkey (5,000), monkey sex (1,000), sex ape (1,000), chimpanzee (500), ape (300), baboon (300), lemur (300), bonobo (250), primate (250)

We hope you find the following articles & websites interesting, informative and useful (primates do tell us a lot about our own sexual behavior!).

Evolution of Primate & Human Sexuality - Quotes from Jared Diamond 'Why Sex is Fun'

Bonobos (pygmy chimpanzees) resemble or approach humans in many respects: female receptivity is extended through several weeks of the estrus cycle, sex is mainly recreational and there is some economic cooperation between members of the band. However, bonobos still lack our pair bonded couples, our well concealed ovulation, our paternal recognition of and care for offspring and menopause. (Diamond, p. 8)

Why did we evolve to be so different?

The question becomes even more acute when we compare ourselves with our closest relatives among the world's mammal species, the great apes. Closest of all are Africa's chimpanzee and bonobo, from which we differ in only about 1.6% of our nuclear genetic material (DNA). Nearly as close are the gorilla (2.3%) and the orangutan of Southeast Asia (3.6%). Our ancestors diverged 'only' seven million years ago from the ancestors of chimpanzees and bonobos, nine million years ago from the ancestors of gorillas and fourteen million years ago from the ancestors of orangutans.

That sounds like an enormous amount of time, but it is a mere eye-blink on the evolutionary time scale. Life has existed on earth for more than three billion years, and hard shelled, complex large animals exploded in diversity more than half a billion years ago.

Along with posture and brain size, sexuality completes the trinity of the decisive respects in which the ancestors of humans and great apes diverged. Orangutans are often solitary, males and females associate just to copulate and males provide no paternal care; a gorilla male gathers a harem of a few females, with each of which he has sex at intervals of several years (after the females weans her most recent offspring and resumes menstrual cycling and before she becomes pregnant again); and chimpanzees and bonobos live in troops with no lasting male-female pair bonds or specific father-offspring bonds. (Diamond, p. 9)

Evolution of Homosexuality in Animals: Bisexual Bonobos are our Closest Relative

The advancing knowledge in behavioral sciences shows that homosexuality, masturbation, oral sex and other deviations from genital sex are something common in the animal world. Till now, about 500 species have been found to display homosexual behavior.

Humans are outdone by far in the sexual field by our closest relatives, bonobos. These apes employ sex for solving any conflict and there are no taboos about sex, age, or number of partners, and the only interdiction is sex between mother and son. It appears that almost all bonobos are bisexual.

Evolution of Homosexuality in Animals: Bisexual Bonobos

Sexual / Social Behaviour of Bonobos

Homosexuality in Animals: Two female bonobos engaging in lesbian sex.Sexual intercourse plays a major role in Bonobo society, being used as a greeting, a means of conflict resolution and post-conflict reconciliation, and as favors traded by the females in exchange for food. Bonobos are the only non-human apes to have been observed engaging in all of the following sexual activities: face-to-face genital sex (most frequently female-female, then male-female and male-male), tongue kissing, and oral sex.

Sexual activity happens within the immediate family as well as outside it, and often involves adults and children, even infants. Bonobos do not form permanent relationships with individual partners. They also do not seem to discriminate in their sexual behavior by gender or age, with the possible exception of sexual intercourse between mothers and their adult sons. When Bonobos come upon a new food source or feeding ground, the increased excitement will usually lead to communal sexual activity, presumably decreasing tension and allowing for peaceful feeding.



Analyse any human emotion, no matter how far it may be removed from the sphere of sex, and you are sure to discover somewhere the primal impulse, to which life owes its perpetuation.Analyse any human emotion, no matter how far it may be removed from the sphere of sex, and you are sure to discover somewhere the primal impulse, to which life owes its perpetuation. ... The primitive stages can always be re-established; the primitive mind is, in the fullest meaning of the word, imperishable. ... Mans most disagreeable habits and idiosyncrasies, his deceit, his cowardice, his lack of reverence, are engendered by his incomplete adjustment to a complicated civilisation. It is the result of the conflict between our instincts and our culture. (Sigmund Freud)

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Evolution: Relating Primate Sexual Behaviour to Human Sexuality: Bonobos, Apes, Monkeys, Chimpanzees. Mating, Masturbation, Oral, Group Sex, Gay, Lesbian, Children, Heterosexual

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